Introducing a new kind of
wellness center...

My Sex Bio Studio is a gender-inclusive virtual wellness center with curated sexual empowerment classes, workshops and events that foster community and support individuals in taking command of their sexual selves.


Intentionally connect with your arousal space, exploring centering through
self-love, solo adventure, and pleasure in your daily life!

Is arousal anything less than a comfortable state for you to be in? Do you want to explore self-love?
In these facilitated discussions we'll focus on actions, not just theory. Let’s develop your personal self-love tool kit and prepare you to receive the utmost pleasure in your daily life!


Do your days feel chaotic, a struggle to make time to recharge yourself?
This is the break you need!

Each class we'll focus on the importance of self-care and prioritizing time each day for inward reflection and peace through yoga practices, breathwork, mindfulness and meditation.


Come get out of your head and into feeling your body by exploring what movements and sensations feel best to you!

This gentle, Hatha, flow-style yoga class, is appropriate for all experience levels, offers a safe container to slow down and explore sensation in your physical body and uses your breath as a portal to pleasure.

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Receive resources and research each month and learn how to command your sex bio.

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