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My Sex Bio Studio is a gender-inclusive virtual wellness center with curated sexual empowerment classes, workshops and events that foster community and support individuals in taking command of their sexual selves.

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Bridging disconnect in ourselves and world.

It was a passion project created out of a need for more open and accurate conversation surrounding sex – especially since it is one of the most integral parts of being human.

The concept and first workshop were created and held over the summer and fall of 2017 and since January 2019 My Sexual Biography has been routinely creating sex-positive and empowering content about sex, sexuality, and sex education!
We believe sex education and empowerment is a vehicle for peace; peace within ourselves that spreads outward, throughout communities and the world. As the importance of reflection on our priorities, happiness, and overall wellness grows, we see a gap in giving our sexual health and enjoyment time and attention.
We put out content every day that is informative and motivating, and which helps you get in touch with or reflect on your sexual self. Our resources and research focus around monthly topics that can teach you more about sex and sexual wellness, as well as offer you ways to take command of and own your sexual biography.
There are many project launches on the horizon, including a guided journal, video blogs, podcasts, merchandise, community and online meet-ups, and the release of our new website with even MORE resources!
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Abba Carmichael and Amanda Keohane & The My Sex Bio Team


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